On-site Water Recycle System

We Reclaim and Recycle Our Water On-Site
Our equipment contains, collects and treats the waste water generated on site of each cleaning operation. This process eliminates the cost and liability associated with storing, manifesting, transporting and disposing of hazardous water waste.

The scientific way to instant energy savings. The Energy Savings System (ESS) was invented by an electrician that came upon the idea in his quest for lower power bills. Now, after more than 10 years of research and development, and with a patent pending, the system is available. The Energy Savings System works in any application: residential, commercial, or industrial. The devices are easy to install and easy to use. We recommend that the ESS be installed by a certified electrician. The unit itself is installed on your breaker panel it contains no movable parts, generates no heat, makes no noise, and is UL-approved. Once the installation is complete, the ESS is working. You can begin saving up to 25% on your bill. Our customers typically see instant savings up to 25%. The percentages may vary, depending on the specifics of each installation.

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Energy Savings System


Welcome to Organic & Environmental Systems. We specialize in Pressure Washing, Dry Steam Vapor Cleaning, Graffiti Removal and Oil Removal in the Metro Atlanta area and surrounding counties. We provide services for special projects covering the Southeast region including South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee.
Our product line includes Steam Vapor Cleaning Machines including Industrial Steam Cleaners, Commercial Steam Cleaners and Heavy Duty Steam Cleaners. We also have Conveyor Belt Washers, Conveyor Belt Cleaner and Conveyor Chain Cleaners. Our line also includes Walk behind Scrubbers, Ride on Scrubbers and Diamond Plate Floor Cleaners

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