On-site Water Recycle System

We Reclaim and Recycle Our Water On-Site
Our equipment contains, collects and treats the waste water generated on site of each cleaning operation. This process eliminates the cost and liability associated with storing, manifesting, transporting and disposing of hazardous water waste.
What is Steam Cleaning?
Steam Cleaning is a cleaning method that uses high temperature water pressure and vapor. The process allows the sanitization of almost any type of surface. The process of superheated steam and pressure generated by commercial and industrial vapor steam cleaners kill the majority of bacteria, viruses, germs, mold, allergens that the steam comes in contact with. It is a very safe and chemical free method for cleaning any environment. Click here for more information on How to Steam Clean.
Who can utilize the Steam Cleaning process and Steam Cleaners?
Every Industry and household can utilize the power of steam. Steam cleaning sanitizes and cleans in the most sensitive and delicate environments. It does not leave any type of residue like the average chemical cleaners. The cleaning process is pure and chemical and toxic free.
Where can the Steam Cleaning process and Steam Cleaners be used?
The chemical free process of utilizing steam can to be used in Hospitals, Restaurants, Nursing Homes, Kitchens, Pharmaceutical Plants, Daycares, Veterinary Offices, Office Buildings, Pet Stores, Snack Food Factories, Bakeries, Poultry Plants, Manufacturing Facilities, Banks, Churches, Buses, Planes, Trains, Movie Theatres, to name a few.
How does the Steam Cleaning process and Steam Cleaners work?
When the Steam Generators are plugged in and turned on the water in the tank begins to heat to approximately 290 - 360 degrees. The steam production begins when the temperature reaches 212 degrees. When the steam is produced it contains only about 5% of moisture content. Once the steam handle is activated, the steam flows at a rate of 65 to 150 psi depending on the type of machine being used. Additional attachments such as nylon brushes, stainless brushes, brass brushes, scrub pads and different types of nozzles can be used with the Steam Generators to enhance the cleaning process. The additional tools being used when cleaning will depend on the cleaning application surface and how the cleaning process is applied. Click here for more information on How to Steam Clean.
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